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The letter below was sent by a mom at another center, and very clearly demonstrates the benefits her child receives from Music Together®:

Dear Ms. Frances,

Below is my feedback on the Music Together promotional DVD which was
recently released and included with our Parent Guide.

The DVD focused almost exclusively on the 'musical' benefits of the Music
Together program. And certainly, unlike other 'Mommy & Me' music classes I
have attended with my little one, Music Together goes far beyond the typical
nursery rhymes, basic rhythms, and common childhood themes of our culture.
Indeed Music Together incorporates 'real' instruments and a variety of beats
and complex chord progressions which result in a true appreciation for
music, and a foundation of preparedness for more advanced musical growth.
But there was so much more that deserved mention...

By exposing children to a variety of lyrics, challenging phrases at varying
speeds and cadences, and new sets of songs every season, Music Together
promotes strong language and cognitive development. By encouraging constant
movement to the sounds, Music Together improves children's body awareness,
coordination, and motor skills. There is a wealth of existing research
which affirms that music accomplishes this, and Music Together is especially
successful at it with a formula so well-designed it is almost magical. Yet
the DVD did not emphasize those critical and impressive points. But there
is still more... By having children respect the silent pauses for effect
within the music, Music Together is teaching self-control. By allowing
children to improvise their own rhythms, gestures, and even words and
vocalizations, Music Together fosters creativity, personal expression,
confidence, spontaneity, and an opportunity to practice performance art. By
having children alternatively make something up and then have others repeat
after them, Music Together is teaching how to take turns, share the
spotlight, listen, and learn quickly. By including music from countries
around the world, Music Together is teaching words from other languages and
more importantly - an appreciation for the rich diversity of other cultures.
By presenting a variety of melodies in minor (in addition to the usual
major) keys, Music Together educates children on a full range and breadth of
tonalities, and dispels the commonly taught myth that minor keys are
reserved only for sad or scary music - a myth which can by negative
association pre-dispose people to dislike, or worse, to fear those of
non-Western countries whose music is in reality often set in beautiful, and
even uplifting, minor keys. And by having students play different
instruments simultaneously to create a larger ensemble and mix of sounds,
Music Together is teaching the advantages of group collaboration and team

In conclusion, while the DVD adequately addressed Music Together's
undeniable capacity to cultivate musicianship early on in life, it did not
do justice to all the physical, intellectual, emotional, and social benefits
gained as well, and the real life skills being actively taught through the

Thank you for all the energy, passion, and love you put into teaching ALL of
those lessons to my baby, in the safe and nurturing environment you create
each week.

Sincerely yours,

Deborah P & Becca (15 months)

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"J. and I love going to Lelah's class. I highly recommend it. K. grew up going to the Music Together in Ocean City and I am thrilled to have it close to home now!" ---JC

Heard at our recent free demo class at the Cape May County Library:

"We loved your class! My kids had so much fun, and so did I."

"I was very impressed by your class and your management of the kids and parents. We had so much fun!"

"We will definitely register for class this September, and we'll spread the word."